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Dear Visitor,

Celeone Charter is at the moment on the Canary Islands. Since we like it here, we are staying a little longer than planned, to see more from these beautiful islands. The Atlantic Crossing to Antigua in the Caribbean, we plan to do that in November 2016.

  • During the time that were are on the Canary Island, we like to give you the opportunity to book us here to.
    For more information Click on "Canary Islands 2015-2016".
  • In November 2016 we then make the crossing of the Atlantic. this is a trip of about 3 weeks, on whits you can also join us. For the ones that have a sense of adventure and like to meet there true selfs. Then click "Atlanic Crossing 2016" for more details.
  • As of December 2016 we'll be chartering "All inclusive" from within the Caribbean.
    Details about that you get by clicking on "Caribbean 2016"

We're looking forward to meet you on board.

Sincerely yours,
Celeone Charter

Ernest Schollen

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