The Yacht

Our Catamaran, is comfortable and very spacious, and is a wonderful boat to†experience a fantastic holiday

Your Holiday on board the catamaran†‘Celeone', includes the skipper, who is responsible for you and the yacht. He will also assist with groceries and will help out with the cooking and cleaning!†

If you have questions or special requests , then please don’t hesitate to send us an email.


Advantages of a†skippered yacht.

• Relax whilst your skipper takes charge.

•†Learn from your a qualified†skipper.. †be as hands on as much as you like.

• Skipper has local knowledge and knows all of the best locations.

• Peace of mind that you are in safe hands.


We look forward to meeting you on board.

Celeone Catamaran

Model: Lagoon 421

  1. 3 Double cabins with en-suite shower & toilette.
  2. Complete kitchen.
  3. See price-list†for more details
  4. Language onboard: English, German & Dutch
  5. Accommodation for up till 6 Persons

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